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Jiangsu Geology & Engineering Co.Ltd, founded in 1997, was registered by capital of 101.88 million yuan, which was approved by the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of housing and the Ministry of land and resources, which has the qualification of foreign project contracting, Grade-A of geotechnical engineering investigation, Grade-A of geological hazard control engineering construction, Second level of housing construction general contracting (level two), professional contractors of Decoration Engineering (level two), foundation and foundation engineering contracting (level two), electrical and mechanical equipment installation engineering contractor (level two), Grade-B of engineering survey, Grade- B of hydro geological survey, engineering survey and qualification services laboratory accreditation certificate and etc, and also pass through state-owned shares and by three in one comprehensive enterprise quality system certification project. In 2013, Sugec was included in the eighteen units of backbone enterprises for complete sets of foreign aid project survey of the Ministry of Commerce.


Under perfect corporate governance, the company has set overseas branches in Mozambique, Tanzania, Angola, Bolivia, Australia, Kazakhstan, the Caribbean, Nigeria and other countries, and also domestic branches in Suzhou, Wuxi and Huaian.


The company attaches great importance to the cultivation of compound talents who know technology, language and management. The company has all kinds of professional and technical personnel, totally 161 members, accounting for 95% of the total employees, of which more than 13 personnel of master's degree or above, 128 personnel of the bachelor's degree, 15 personnel with senior engineer titles or above, 27 personnel with intermediate engineer titles or above, 5 registered civil engineers (Geotechnical) , 7 registered constructors of Level one, 10 registered constructors of Level two, 1 registered safety engineer, 1 certified accountant, 46 security staff.


The company has always attached great importance to the overseas construction equipment investment construction and overseas base construction. According to the needs of overseas projects, new equipment investment has been 80.11 million yuan during 12th Five-Year, totally more than 900 sets, such as rotary drilling rig SR250, loaders, rollers, bulldozers, dump trucks, asphalt paver, mixing machine, crane and a large number of huge equipment for highway construction, basic construction and mineral exploration.


The domestic and overseas projects are involved in road and bridge construction, infrastructure construction, well drilling and water supply, engineering investigation, the disaster management, engineering survey, foundation pit design and testing, mineral resources exploration & development, housing construction and mechanical & electrical installation, geothermal energy development, international trade, etc. For the last decade, SUGEC had undertaken hundreds of investigations, designs, construction projects and completed several large international bidding projects in Chinese mainland, Africa, Asia, Middle East, South America, and South Pacific area which had drilled two thousand wells, constructed pumping stations, water towers, laid water pipelines for one thousand miles. All the achievements in overseas project investigations, large equipment installations were particularly well received by owners and other enterprises in the same trade.

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