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Civil Construction of Matola Oil Depot

date: 2016-11-01
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The civil construction of Matola oil depot construction project undertaken by Jiangsu Geology& Engineering Co., Ltd after more than 2 years construction since August 1st, 2014 has been successfully completed. During the project period, the owner, Puma energy and the general contractor, CPPE provided careful guidance and assistance.

1.  Project Overview

1.1  General overview

This project, located in Matola port, Mozambique, mainly consists of 4 aspects:

  1. foundation construction of 9 oil tank with the capacity of 12200 m3, 2 aviation kerosene tank with the capacity of 2534m3 and 1 fire water tank;

  2. foundation construction of supporting facilities of oil tanks and fire water tank;

  3. Construction of production management building and steel structure shed foundation;

  4. Site earthwork, construction of ground, roads, firewall, fence, gate, drain and other outdoor accessory works. As well as the construction of train loading trestle bridge in the variation.

The total contract amount is $17,804,105.60USD.

1.2  Structure overview

The foundation of oil storage tanks in the project is concrete pile foundation with D800MM C35 reinforced concrete pile; foundation of facilities is C35 reinforced concrete while foundation pad is C15 concrete with the thickness of 100mm; the main structure of production management building is C30 reinforced concrete structure, While the wall constructed by masonry construction of hollow cement brick.

2.  Construction Process Overview

2.1 The project officially started from August 1st, 2014 processing the earthwork construction; pile foundation construction started from November 1st, 2014; Foundation construction work of all tanks was completed and approved in May 1st, 2015. From June 1st, 2015, management building production had started till it was confirmed and approved by the owners and general contractors in December 1st, 2015. All civil engineering construction of oil depot was completed at the end of March, 2016. Then, after completing the Construction of train loading trestle bridge in variation in October 2016, the project of civil construction of Matola oil projects was completed.

2.2 Since the start of the project, project department always work with rigorous working attitude, careful construction organization, restricting the construction method according to the design documents and the existing standards and norms. Project department conscientiously implemented the company issued the "quality manual" and "program files" and other internal quality control system.

2.3 In the construction process of the whole project, project department applied five quality factors "human, machine, method, material, process" for a comprehensive quality management and control.

2.3.1 Strict management of material quality. Materials had quality certificate, test report, or was accepted by random sampling supervision before used in the project.

2.3.2 Strict management of the construction quality. Project department required all construction team implementing the "three inspection system", the team self-inspection, mutual inspection, shift handover inspection. On this basis, project management department formed a complete quality inspection system by the project department inspection, the company spot checks. Project management department and company implemented "quality veto system" in various inspections. Engineer technically clarified the divisional and sub-divisional work to the construction team before construction. Before project concealment, awarded the acceptance of supervisor.

2.3.3 Strict application of measurement system and witness sampling system. Before mortar mixing, timely adjusted mixture ratio according to the design and examine result of the moisture content of sand, and hang out the card with details. Insisted weighing raw materials and made record, rechecked the materials by supervision on-site witness sample inspection. The concrete test blocks and mortar test blocks were all sampled by the supervisor.


In the decoration of production management building, we strictly applied the requirements of the design drawings and relative specifications. For the entire decoration process, Project department applied the overall quality management. In overall decoration effect, project department was well communicated with designer, careful constructed, in striving to create a quality project.


By more than two years effective work of project department, the construction finally completed on schedule, achieved the expected quality target and was praised by the owners and the general contractor. It set up a solid foundation for the further development of Mozambique branch.


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