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State Council made decision of strengthening the prevention and control of geological disasters

date: 2016-12-20
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State Council made decision of strengthening the prevention and control of geological disasters


The people's governments of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, all ministries and commissions of the State Council, and all institutions directly under the state council:


China is one of the world's countries that have the most serious geological disasters and the most threatened population, it has complex geological conditions, very frequent tectonic activity, a lot of collapse, landslide and debris flow, ground subsidence, ground subsidence and ground fissures disaster, they are widely distributed and concealed, sudden and destructively strong, which are difficult to prevent. Especially in recent years by the extreme weather, earthquakes, engineering construction and other factors, the frequent occurrence of geological disasters, which cause serious damage to people’s lives and property. In order to further strengthen the prevention and control of geological disasters, following decisions are made:


1 Guiding ideology, basic principles and objectives


(1) Guiding ideology. To implement the spirit of the 17th Party Congress and the seventeen session of the third, fourth and fifth plenary session, with Deng Xiaoping theory and the important thought of "Three Represents" as guidance, comprehensively implement the Scientific Outlook on Development, the "people-oriented" concept throughout all aspects of geological disaster prevention and control work, in order to protect the safety of people's lives and property as a fundamental, in order to establish a sound geological disaster investigation and evaluation system, monitoring and early warning system, control system, emergency system as the core, the whole society to strengthen geological disaster prevention awareness and ability, scientific planning, focus, overall progress, and comprehensively improve the level of prevention and control of geological disasters in china.


(2) Basic principle Adhere to the territorial management, levels of responsibility, clear geological disaster prevention and control of main body responsibility of local government, government departments, leading to the organization cooperation and participation of the whole society; adhere to the prevention, combining prevention and control, scientific use of monitoring and early warning, relocation and engineering management, effectively avoid disaster risk; adhere to special groups combined, test group guardsagainst, give full play to the role of the professional monitoring agency, closely rely on the majority of the masses to do a comprehensive prevention and control of geological disasters; who insist on the cause, who led governance, for the construction of geological disaster prevention clear responsibility unit, earnestly implement the responsibility to prevent governance; adhere to the overall planning, comprehensive management, to strengthen the prevention and control of geological disasters at the same time. To coordinate and promote the prevention and management of ecological environment of mountain flood and other disasters.


(3) Work target. "12th Five-Year" period, complete the investigation task of geological disasters in key control area of comprehensive disaster, to identify the basic circumstances of geological disaster; the basic completion of the Three Gorges Reservoir area, the governance of major geological disasters in high risk projects in Wenchuan and Yushu earthquake disaster, geological disasters or move to avoid; other risks, and actively carry out special monitoring and early warning combined group, disaster, danger timely monitoring and effective disposal. By 2020, the completion of a comprehensive investigation of geological hazard evaluation system, monitoring and early warning system, control system and emergency system, basically eliminate large geological disaster threats, reduce the disasters caused casualties and property losses.


2 Comprehensive investigation of hidden dangers and dynamic inspections


(4) Strengthen the investigation and evaluation. To the county as a unit to carry out a comprehensive flood in the country, geological hazard survey and evaluation work, focus on improving Wenchuan, Yushu earthquake and the Three Gorges Reservoir area, the southwest mountainous area, loess area, northwest southeast coastal areas of the investigation work, increase the important military facilities in the surrounding geological disaster danger evaluation efforts in densely populated areas. The results of the investigation and evaluation shall be submitted to the local people's government at or above the county level in a timely manner as the basis for disaster prevention and control.


(5) Strengthen key exploration. The threat of possible towns, schools, hospitals, fairs and villages, military barracks and other densely populated areas and drinking water sources, the major hidden point of concealment, complex geological conditions, it is necessary to organize a detailed investigation to identify the cause of disaster, damage degree, grasp the development rules, and formulate and implement preventive measures of monitoring point.


(6) Carry out dynamic inspections. Geological disaster prone areas of the county government to establish and improve the troubleshooting system, organize regular inspection tour of the geological disasters in the region of hidden points, the key control areas every year to carry out inspection and verification after Flood flood investigation, flood prevention, timely elimination of hazards, and the results of the investigation and Prevention of the responsible units in a timely manner to the public. Provincial and municipal people's government and the relevant departments to strengthen supervision of the people's government at the county level troubleshooting work guidance, it is difficult to determine the risks to the grassroots, to promptly organize professional departments on-site verification confirmation.


3 To strengthen the monitoring and forecasting and early warning


(7) Improve the monitoring and forecasting network. Each region should accelerate the construction of monitoring and early warning information of land, weather, water conservancy and other departments jointly sharing platform, establish forecast consultation and early warning linkage mechanism. In towns and villages, schools, hospitals and other units in densely populated areas prone to landslides and flash floods upstream of the debris flow, the mountains and valleys, to the deployment of encryption professional monitoring equipment of meteorological and hydrological and geological disasters, strengthen the monitoring and forecasting, to ensure the timely discovery of danger, timely warning.


(8) Strengthen the construction of early warning information release means. Further improve the distribution system of national public emergency warning information, the establishment of the national emergency broadcast system, make full use of radio, television, Internet, mobile phone SMS, telephone, propaganda vehicles and electronic display and various media and means of geological disaster warning information timely. Focus on strengthening the rural areas means the construction of remote areas of emergency warning information release, and utilizes the cable broadcasting and the tweeter, prompting the whistle, to notice, the disaster warning information timely delivery to the threat of the masses.


(9) To improve the level of group measurement group. Geological disaster prone areas of the county, township two levels of people's government should strengthen the organization and leadership of the group of measures to prevent and improve the village cadres and the backbone of the masses as the main group of groups against the team. To encourage and guide grassroots communities, villages set up joint prevention and control of geological disaster mutual aid organization. The group of group members to give appropriate subsidies, and equipped with a simple and practical monitoring and early warning equipment. Organize relevant departments and professional and technical personnel to strengthen the prevention and control of knowledge and skills training for the group of anti personnel, etc., and constantly enhance their awareness of disaster reporting, monitoring and early warning and emergency response capabilities.


4 Effectively avoid disaster risk


(10) Risk assessment of geological hazards. In the geological disaster prone area construction, to carry out geological hazard assessment strictly according to the regulations, to prevent geological disasters induced by human activities. To strengthen the ecological protection and supervision in the development of resources, and to carry out the ecological environment monitoring and assessment. All regions and all relevant departments of city planning, Cunzhuanghuojizhen planning, infrastructure planning, to strengthen the planning of geological hazard assessment, reasonably determine the project location, layout, to avoid the danger zone.


(11) Rapid and orderly organize. The disaster precursor, may cause major casualties and property losses of the area and the area, the county government to timely delineation of geological hazard area, to the public and to establish a clear warning signs; to formulate disaster prevention program, clear responsibility, disaster prevention and warning signs, evacuation routes and temporary shelters. Typhoon, heavy rain and other inclement weather and earthquake disaster, to change the organizational strength of close monitoring of hidden development, in case of emergency, the local people's government, grassroots monitoring and prevention organizations to quickly start disaster prevention program, timely and orderly organization of the safe transfer of the masses, and set up warning signs on the site, to avoid casualties of personnel entering. In the temporary transfer of the masses living returned to the site before, to evaluate the security of disaster, the implementation of monitoring and early warning and preventive measures.


(12) Accelerate the implementation of relocation. The local people's governments at all levels should take the prevention of geological disasters and poverty alleviation and development, ecological migration, new rural construction, the construction of small towns, land remediation combine to co-ordinate arrangements for funding, steps to speed up the geological disaster area people relocation, relocation priority harm degree is high, difficult to control the risks of geological disasters some people around. To strengthen the site evaluation of relocation points, to ensure the new site is not threatened by geological disasters, and provide long-term production and living conditions for the relocation of the masses.


5 Comprehensive prevention and control measures


(13) Scientific development of Engineering management. Making it difficult for the implementation of the relocation of geological disaster hazard point, each region should accelerate the development of project management, give full play to the role of experts and professional team, scientific design, careful construction, ensure project quality, improve the efficiency of the use of funds. Land and resources at all levels, development and reform, finance and other relevant departments, to strengthen the support of the project management and supervision.


(14) Speed up the prevention and control of geological disasters in the earthquake stricken area and the Three Gorges Reservoir area. Aiming at the serious damage to the environment caused by geological disaster in Wenchuan, Yushu earthquake, based on the detailed investigation to carry out a comprehensive earthquake affected areas of geological disasters evaluation, pay close attention to the preparation of implementation plan of geological disaster prevention projects, strict monitoring of major risks, timely relocation avoidance, project management and other preventive measures, to prevent casualties and property losses. Organize and implement the prevention and control of geological disasters in the Three Gorges Reservoir area, properly solve the remaining problems of the two or three phase of geological disaster prevention and control, and focus on strengthening the monitoring and early warning and emergency treatment of landslide and landslide caused by water level fluctuation.


(15) Strengthen the prevention and control of geological disasters around important facilities. The main departments and enterprises should take timely measures to ensure the safety of the major geological hazards such as the main line of transportation, water conservancy project, power transmission and transportation (gas) facilities and military facilities. After the evaluation and demonstration of geological hazard prevention and control measures to be taken, the construction unit must implement the geological disaster prevention project while the main project construction. The construction enterprises should strengthen the monitoring and early warning of geological hazards around the site, formulate disaster prevention plans, and effectively ensure the safety of the construction and construction personnel.


(16) Actively carry out comprehensive management. The region to the organization of land and resources, development and reform, finance, environmental protection, water conservancy, agriculture, forestry, meteorology, safety supervision and other related departments to co-ordinate all resources on the prevention of geological disasters, mine geological environment restoration, soil and water conservation, flood prevention, small rivers and dam reinforcement, tailings dam risk management in disaster prone, ecological environment management and other work, and effectively improve the comprehensive management level of geological disasters. To prepare the implementation of the relevant planning, reasonable arrangements for non engineering measures and engineering measures, appropriate to improve the mountainous towns, villages, geological disaster fortification standards.


(17) Establishing and perfecting the mechanism of land subsidence, subsidence and ground fissures. The establishment of the relevant departments, local government land subsidence prevention and control of common responsibility system, improve key areas of land subsidence monitoring network, the implementation of land subsidence control and groundwater exploitation defense, strengthen the focus on the Yangtze River Delta, North China and Fenwei area of groundwater exploitation and management, reasonable implementation of the prohibition, adopt measures to limit groundwater and artificial recharge engineering. The establishment of demonstration area of ground subsidence prevention, curb land subsidence and ground fissure further intensified. On the basis of in-depth investigation, the land subsidence prone areas and dangerous areas are defined, and the protective measures are strengthened. To develop underground engineering activities and underground space management, strict examination and approval procedures, prevent mineral mining, groundwater drainage and other underground engineering construction of underground space and the improper use of the ground subsidence, subsidence and ground fissure disasters etc.


6. strengthen emergency rescue work


(18)Improve the ability of geological disaster emergency. The local people's governments at all levels according to the actual geological disaster prevention and control, strengthen the construction of emergency rescue system, speeding up the emergency rescue team of professionals combined group, equipped with the necessary transportation, communication and professional equipment, the formation of efficient emergency mechanism. We will further revise and improve the emergency plans for geological disasters, and formulate a rigorous and scientific emergency work flow. Construction and improvement of emergency shelters, and strengthen the necessities of life supplies and medical supplies reserves, regularly organize contingency plans to improve the co-ordination of the parties concerned and emergency response capabilities.


(19) Strengthen basic geological disaster prevention. Geological disaster prone areas should give full play to the advantages of the grassroots people familiar with the situation, and vigorously support and promote rural, village geological disaster monitoring, inspection, early warning, transfer and other emergency capacity building. Focus on prevention of geological disasters in the period, grassroots autonomous organizations, Township People's government should strengthen the inspection tour of geological disaster, hazard point of threat to schools and hospitals, villages, enterprises and institutions, markets and other crowded places, to arrange the dingshou patrol check, and at least in a year before the flood times of emergency drills.


(20) Do a good job of emergency rescue. The local people's governments at all levels should earnestly do the emergency rescue of geological disasters, strengthen the comprehensive coordination, fast and efficient to do search and rescue and disaster danger investigation, analysis, prevention of secondary disasters such as emergency work. To properly arrange the lives of the affected people, medical and psychological assistance, and strive to maintain social stability in the disaster areas.

7, improve the security mechanism


(21) Improve and implement regulatory standards. The full implementation of the "Regulations on the prevention and control of geological disasters", the geological disaster prone areas should pay close attention to the development and improvement of local supporting laws and regulations, improve the legal system of geological disaster prevention and control. The standard to amend the investigation and assessment of geological hazards, risk assessment and risk zoning, monitoring and early warning and emergency disposal, improve geological disaster control engineering exploration, design, construction, supervision, risk assessment and other technical requirements and procedures.


(22) Strengthen the construction of geological disaster prevention team. The geological disaster prone areas of the people's governments of provinces, cities and counties to establish a sound and geological disaster prevention in the region to adapt to the needs of the professional monitoring, emergency management and technical support team, increase the integration of resources and funding, to ensure that the work carried out. Support colleges and universities research institutes increase the geological disaster prevention and control of professional and technical personnel training, to professional and technical personnel engaged in the investigation of geological hazard monitoring and prevention work at the grass-roots, give preferential policies in Post Title etc..


(23) Increase capital investment and management. The establishment of large national geological disaster prevention and control of special funds for the investigation and evaluation of geological disasters in the country to carry out the implementation of major hazard points, monitoring and early warning, exploration, relocation, project management and emergency support, monitoring and prevention system, science education and training work. The local people's governments at various levels shall incorporate the prevention and control of geological disasters and the subsidy funds of the group of test and control group members into the scope of financial security, and increase the financial input for the prevention and control of geological disasters according to the local conditions. At the same time, to ensure the strict management of funds, special funds for prevention and control of geological disasters. Various regions should explore and formulate preferential policies to encourage and attract social funds into the prevention and control of geological disasters.


(24) Actively promote scientific and technological innovation. National and local IT projects (special fund, etc.) to increase the field of geological hazard prevention and control of scientific research and technological innovation support, strengthen the mountain disaster mechanism, disaster risk analysis, disaster monitoring and control technology, earthquake disaster impact evaluation and other aspects of the complex. Active use of geographic information, global positioning, satellite communications, remote sensing and other advanced technical means to explore the use of cutting-edge technologies such as the Internet of things, to enhance the accuracy of geological disaster investigation and evaluation, monitoring and early warning accuracy and efficiency. Encourage the development of geological disaster warning and emergency rescue equipment, key technology, application of large-scale mining, life detection lifting barrier breaking, geophysical drilling and high power pump such as advanced equipment, improve the emergency rescue and emergency response capabilities. Strengthen international exchanges and cooperation, learn from foreign advanced geological disaster prevention theory and technical methods.


(25) Carry out publicity and training education. All regions and relevant departments should carry out the popularization and dissemination of knowledge of disaster prevention and disaster prevention, disaster reporting, hedge and self rescue and so on. Geological disaster prone areas to organize cadres and grassroots organizations responsible person and the backbone in geological disaster prevention training, strengthen the prevention knowledge education and skills training for students of geological disasters in primary and middle schools; city, county and township governments responsible to fully grasp the situation of geological disasters in the region, and enhance the ability of disaster prevention and rescue command and rescue.


8 To strengthen organizational leadership and coordination


(26) Effectively strengthen organizational leadership. The local people's governments at all levels shall include the prevention and control of geological disasters on the important agenda, incorporate them into the performance evaluation of the government, and assess the results as an important part of the comprehensive assessment of the leading bodies and leading cadres. To strengthen the prevention and control of geological disasters of the leadership, the local government is mainly responsible for the prevention and control of geological disasters in the region overall responsibility, establish and improve the responsibility system, to ensure the prevention and control measures to implement the layers of responsibility and. The important content of geological disaster prone areas to geological disaster prevention as the city, county and township government in charge of the leadership and the departments responsible for the office talk, supervise and inspect the implementation of responsibility for disaster prevention. In the geological disaster prevention and disposal of dereliction of duty, the work is not in place, causing heavy casualties and property losses, according to the law seriously pursue the administrative leadership and the responsibility of the responsible person.


(27) Strengthen communication and coordination. All relevant departments should do their duties, in close coordination, strengthen the sharing and the people's Liberation Army, the armed forces of the communication and information, jointly do a good job in the prevention of geological disasters. The departments of land and resources to strengthen the work of geological disaster prevention organization and coordination and supervision; development and reform, education, industry and information technology, civil affairs, housing and urban construction, transportation, railway, water conservancy, health, safety supervision, power supervision, tourism departments should be in accordance with the division of responsibilities, do the relevant field of geological hazard prevention and control work organization and implementation.


(28) The construction of geological hazard prevention and control pattern with the participation of the whole society. To mobilize all social forces to actively participate in the prevention of geological disasters, closely rely on the people's Liberation Army, armed police, militia and reserve forces, public security fire rescue team backbone, effectively play the role of trade unions, the Communist Youth League, women's federations and other mass organizations in the mobilization of the masses, publicity and education, encourage citizens, legal persons and other social organizations the common concern and support for the prevention of geological disasters cause. The people's governments at various levels shall commend and reward the units and individuals that have made outstanding achievements in the prevention and control of geological disasters.


The State Council


June 13, 2011


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