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National unity to carry out supervision and inspection of land and mineral resources in 2016

date: 2016-12-20
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National unity to carry out supervision and inspection of land and mineral resources in 2016


In December 2nd, the Ministry of land and resources issued a notice to start the deployment of national unity in 2016 of the land mine guard law enforcement supervision and inspection work. In accordance with the notification requirements, supervision and inspection of land and resources in the implementation of regulatory responsibility, supervision and rectification to investigate and punish violations of land and resources in the "general task", the guardian piece of land and resources assessment inspection on the daily supervision of the situation in a region, to promote law enforcement "found in the initial address and change in the bud", at the same time with the land routine inspectors promote the local government to strengthen the land law enforcement supervision and inspection.


Notice cleared the main task of the law enforcement agencies, inspection objects, schedule, work requirements and information reporting, etc. Notification requirements in the work, check, satellite and land change survey work to promote collaboration, mutual support; to combine with the regular land supervision work leveraging each other to form a joint force. The supervision bureau is responsible for the organization and implementation of the local Guardian piece of land law enforcement inspection and rectification of illegal conduct supervision and inspection of land, reported to the provincial land and Resources Department of the guardian piece of land to check the data results and comparing the results of regular land supervision. By the state land chief inspector commissioned the Supervision Bureau to participate in the guardian piece of land inspection organizations, provincial governments to carry out interviews will urge the local government to implement the main responsibility for rectification. In the case of major typical violations found, the inspectors shall report to the Ministry in a timely manner; and the land department shall, in accordance with the provisions of the Ministry of civil affairs.


Notification requirements, improved health examination, the implementation of the "double random, open, namely random inspection object, randomly selected for inspection of law enforcement personnel, public examination results in an appropriate and timely manner. Perfect Interview accountability, to avoid "only 15% proportion theory", to conscientiously organize the investigation and rectification of the day-to-day enforcement problems assessment should be included in the scope of interviews; adhere to the people's government at the provincial level as the main body to carry out interviews when interviewed, invited the media to attend. In some places heavy check, Wei light day-to-day enforcement problems, notice requirements of land and resources departments of provincial and municipal levels to establish and improve the incentive mechanism of annual inspection work and daily satellite results linked to the effectiveness of enforcement, strengthen the daily supervision of law enforcement inspection assessment, and strive to achieve the transformation of the mode of supervision.


Notice to make adjustments to the work schedule, before June 30, 2017, the provincial land resources department completed 2016 of the annual inspection of law enforcement inspection, the provincial satellite interviews, start the accountability work, and submit the work report to the Department of results and data.

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