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Recruitment Idea of talents

The core idea: let the active employees have opportunity to work, let the man of ability have platform to perform, Let achieved employees have fair position and remuneration. The ones really need. Valuing talents, developing talents!

The first principle is to pay attention to both ability and political integrity. The selection and use of personnel should be in accordance with a comprehensive measure and basic requirements of both ability and political integrity.

Second principle is “effect theory”. In the use of talent, we pay more attention to ability rather than degree. No matter what position, what degree, what age it is, if done well with outstanding performance, boldly entrusted with important task. At present, the average age of the company's technical staff and middle-level staff is around 35 years old; the average age of the workshop director is around age 30. They are not aged, some education level is not very high, however, their ability, energy, performance was been recognized. By Implementation of "effect theory" employing mechanism, a lot of employees with both ability and political integrity became the pillars of company development.

Third principle is “practice first”. It is said that it may take 3 days to test the fake of jade, but must wait 7 years to test the ability of talent/person. Over the years, all kinds of professionals who are working in our company were arranged to the frontline in practicing to improve their abilities. Then recruit the personnel through examination.

Fourth principle is “survival of the fittest”. In the selection of talent, we realized the transition from "selection" to "competition". The one, who do the best, will be considered as a talent to be reused; otherwise, can only be eliminated.

Fifth principle is “everyone is talent”. In use of the talents, we do eliminate formula and mysterious form; apply principle of “suitable for human”. As long as in the appropriate position to perform the greatest degree of intelligence, it can call talent to some extent. We follow this principle according to each employee's level of expertise, experience, personality, etc., arrange to the relative position; make the best use to do their best to promote the sustained, rapid and efficient development of enterprises.

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