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Owning Class A Geotechnical Investigation Qualification issued by Ministry of Construction, we are able to undertake geotechnical investigation of various projects including large scale public construction, super high-rise buildings, airport, wharfs, roads and railways (including high level road, grant bridge, tunnels etc.), petrochemical refining plant (high rising buildings included), all kinds of processing and manufacturing integrated factory, hydraulic power, municipal works etc. We are also able to undertake hydro geological exploration, geotechnical engineering consultation and design, various kinds of geotechnical test etc.

In the past few years, we not only undertook local key exploration projects, but also expand projects in more than 60 countries worldwide and listed in Commercial Department Foreign Aid Engineering Investigation Key Enterprises. We own national and provincial Integrity Unit for consecutive years, and own prizes in provincial, municipal and bureau level Excellent Exploration


Key projects completed in recent years:

Public class:


Niushou Mountain

Consists of Tianque Palace(51m overground, 9m underground, burial depth 60m), Tianque Gallery(230m long, 6m wide), Tianque Tower(88m high) and auxiliary depth.


African Union Conference Center

As Chinese government’s biggest assistance project in Africa after Tanzania-Zambia Railway, it is one of Africa’s landmarks. Total cost RMB 2 billion.



Tanzanian Stadium

Can accommodate 80000 spectators, main body construction maximum height 33 m.

Exploration on water:


Rudong-Chongming Gas Pipeline Project

It belongs to underwater exploration project at the mouth of the Yangtze River. Transverse length is 3km. The survey scope contains main channel of Yangtze River, the maximum water depth over 30m while tidal range over 2m.

High-rise building exploration


Agile residence community

The community includes 3 11-layer apartment buildings and 10 17-26-layer residential buildings with total area about 310000 m2.

Plant exploration projects:


High purity electronic gas project 8.5th generation thin film transistor liquid crystal display (CEC Panda).

Includes multiple long span or large span plants as well as tower buildings, some of which sensitive to sedimentation. The proposed site belongs to typical Karst foundation which geological condition is complex.

Bridge exploration project


Muhe River Bridge of Xinyi city, Jiangsu

The bridge belongs to sail type single tower cable-stayed super large bridge, with single pile load of the tower pier is 20000kN.


Road and rail road


N6 highway of Mozambique

The N6 highway is an international channel connecting Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Zambia. Overall length 290km, design speed 80-100km/h. Mainly includes 72culverts, 9 middle and small sized bridge, 1 railway interchange, 1 oberpass.

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